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Welcome To Ecco Geckos

We are looking forward to working with you!

We are finally updating our site! After a near, one year hiatus, we've finally gotten back to where we can get to the website and get it overhauled.  We'll be pulling all the geckos off of our si......
One of our clients took the time to write a nice email that he wanted posted up on our website.  Who are we to deny him that opportunity?? Thank you Sam for the kind words! We do appreciate our c......
End Of The Year Sale!! We need to clear room for the exciting breeding projects we have lined up for 2012.  In order to do them, we have to sell another 100 geckos! Make us an offer!  ......
Ask us about discounts on Breeding Pairs, Trios, and full Colonies! Discounts for Breeders are also available.  Just let us know in the email that you are a fellow breeder or you are intrested in......


  • Been following your website for a while - as a UK breeder who`s working with RW`s for a long while, have to say that some of the work you are doing deserves every respect/credit: and I`ll certainly be following your progress with great interest. Excellent.

  • The owners of eccocecko  were more interested in educating and helping us than they were in "selling" us a gecko and moving on. In fact, I'd have to say their focus on education and support are the 2nd and 3rd reason I have continued to do business with them. The number one reason is the quality of the geckos. They are healthy and well socialized. Thank you for all your help, and the amazing geckos! 

    ~ Kathy
  • Hi Chriss & Ariela!!

    I purchased several leopard geckos from you today and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I really appreciate it!! The geckos are all settling in nicely. 

    Thank you again!

    ~Heather (Reno Repticon)
  • More than satisfied with the geckos I purchased, they were and still are in great health, vivid colors and patterns, overall A+ in service!

  • Excellent service, quick delivery, and Gecko was in great health.

    ~Jason Reed